Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Frogs in hats

Now that I know the newest kidlet is a nephew joining two nieces, I was able to finish off the blue hat.  Even in these days of "would you like to know?", the parents specifically chose to wait until God's big reveal on each of their three kids.  So until today, it was a toss-up between flowers or earflaps and ties.  (Are ties ok on an infant hat?  He's got ties!  If the pediatrician-slash-mom says we should we'll cut them off.)  Doce is modeling K's, LopEar has N's, and BunnyFrog (you can't see his perky pink and white Easter ears in that much hat) is rather dwarfed by E's.  BTW...Told you I'd find a place for that mammoth violet.


  1. Oh my gosh! A Boy! So wonderful! (I gave up Facebook for Lent, so I'm out of the loop!)

  2. These are great hats. Did you use a loom for them? I love the flowers on the ones for a girl. If you don't have girl babies right now in the family, I'll bet there are cancer charities in the area who could use them for their young patients.

    1. Dee, it's not a loom -- it's crocheted, same pattern I used for the Jayne hat but kid-sized.