Sunday, February 24, 2013

♫ All I want is having you and music, music, music. ♫

Put another nickel in
In the nickelodeon
All I want is having you
And music, music, music.*

* What is a nickelodeon?  All I know is the tv station.  And I expect I'm on the young end of people who know this song.  I'm thinking a nickelodeon must be something in the jukebox family?

I miss vocal music.
Our church choir director up and went to seminary, and has since graduated, but has not returned to Central PA except for brief visits.
And even before that, I wasn't singing in the choir because I was busy interpreting.
And in the Deaf section, there's not much feedback to my vocalizing, even though I usually sing harmony with whatever the praise team is doing. 
And because I'm the only interpreter at NCF currently**, getting in the rotation for praise team isn't a viable option at this point either.

** I would be delighted to get a co-terp!  Accepting applications!

But I've found that, given a choice, I always sing harmony.  Not that I can't sing lead, but that old adage of "once an alto, always an alto" is definitely true in my case.  That being said, it's not so much that I prefer the low parts (although I do), but that I really love singing around the lead, whether high or low harmonies.  Simon & Garfunkel, for example.
The Boxer, high harmony

Sounds of Silence, low harmony ***

***I'm not sure why the youtube embeds only seem to work for one video per blog post.  I'm using their own embed code.  Suggestions?

Today we had the pleasure of hearing our friends Abby & Micah Dunn perform folk/bluegrass at beautiful Fort Hunter Barn****.  There were a number of groups that had original pieces, and some that covered widely known pieces.  And it just made me realize how much I miss singing out loud.  I'm tired of singing quietly enough to not disturb those around me.

**** Barn?!  Well, why not.  Come to think of it, the last music party we went to was at a barn too... but that was for niece K's Makin' Music party.  Best pinata ever -- at one point they tipped over two enormous laundry hampers of instruments for the kids to play along.  Uncle Oreo asked if he could have his birthday party there next year.  We do love a sing-along.

This could be dangerous: the reason I started with Vicki's Tap Pups was because of an existential crisis, that there was no art or music in my life in any form.  Now I'm in my fifth year tapping with Vicki, and loving it*****.  

***** BTW, I never took any form of dance lessons as a child.  And when I went looking for tap classes, I wasn't in search of just any adult classes; I wanted to TAP.  

So, I'm gonna open myself up.  I sing a strong alto, or alternately I enjoy singing the bass line up an octave.  I've sung in church choirs, including solos and small ensembles since 5yo.  In college I was in chorales.  But it's been awhile.  Where can I put that to use?  Let's see what opportunties become available. 

PS I miss LeahRuth's "Sing-ins".  And I miss hymnsings during Lord's Supper service at the church I grew up in.  That might be a softer in than, for example, recording with someone.  But we'll see what God sends my way.

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