Saturday, May 27, 2017

Big Carrot

Big Frog's colleague, with whom Big Frog travels to Mexico on occasion, knows that when we go away for the weekend we leave the girls alone (in their 120 sq ft runaround space) with enough boxes of hay (multiple Kleenex boxes full) and a BIG CARROT.  Nilla & Mocha know that when a big carrot comes out they get some alone time without us around.  We like to think they don't like that we’re leaving them alone, but we know they like BIG CARROT

The most recent time Big Frog traveled, his colleague inquired after the girls and their big carrot, which unfortunately they didn't get because I was staying home.  But the colleague's new idea is a full-length film called BIG CARROT, which is about ANYthing and nothing, a drama, a romance, a comedy, but the scene cuts are carrots (like how Law & Order has that bum-bum & suddenly you're somewhere else and some when else) and the final scene is the girls, working away on their bonus nibbles.  It's the next Love Actually.  Or Henson's Timepiece.  I know one thing for sure, the girls would love every minute of filming and all the veggies they can get their teeth on.

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