Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Curl away, my son!

Many moons ago (last spring?), Big Frog was sleeplessly channel surfing and found a marvelous? thing.  Late-night televised curling.

But not curling like this dude, Crush from Finding Nemo. 

Curl away, my son!  

Nope.  Think significantly more Canadian than that.  The kind of curling with a 44lb granite stone (Curiously, a curling stone weighs approximately, but not exactly, 3 stone.) with a handle, and sweepers wielding brooms.  (Way back in high school, when my youth group went to play broom ball at the local ice rink, I thought we would be curling.  Turns out broom ball is more like street hockey, sneakers and all, but played on ice.) 

As Big Frog watched, he saw in the stands curling hats.  CURLING.  HATS.  Like cheeseheads for Canadians.  This was important enough that he remembered it and told me about it in the morning.  We went online and there evidently is a significant market for these items.

(screenshots from curlinghats.com)

But would he want one?  Would he wear one?  Sadly (?), no.  But a toss pillow, that might be fun (as long as it didn't weigh 44lb).  I started stitching towards his birthday (admittedly without a fixed eye towards honestly getting it done in that time frame), got distracted into several other projects, and finally finished at Christmastime, if not technically for Christmas.


Also, this.  It's been a crafty week.

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