Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hell No! by Ingrid Michaelson & Deaf West Theater

Ingrid Michaelson, who I already loved for her ridiculous Time Machine1 video with Donald Faisson, Rainn Wilson, Jorge Garcia, et al, released a redo of her latest single, Hell No, which is fully ASL & English.

People magazine ran an article which seems to have the only video link currently available.  Go watch it and come back!  I love that Ingrid was inspired by Deaf West Theater at the Tony's and asked them to work with her to broaden the audience. 

Hearies, if you ever wondered the difference between word-for-word and concept-for-concept interpreting, look at how many different ways there are to say "hell no!"  And it's not just the hands, it's really the facial expressions. 

Side note: one of my "that's a cool sign" signs shows up: WHATEVER.  Yes, it's done as a big ole' two-handed W, but I like it as a two-handed W with the wrist twist.  Super expressive.  You can hear the boredom and the flippancy within the visual. 

1 Time Machine does a lovely play on video running backwards to illustrate reversal of time. But if you want a geeky version, there's also Entropic Time, a parody of Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time". It's scientific!

EDIT: YouTube now has the ASL video.

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