Thursday, June 16, 2016

At Tara - A Swiftly Tilting Planet

Went on a solo roadtrip recently, unusual for me, but Big Frog was off on a different roadtrip with some colleagues.  I chose to reread Madeline L'Engle's A Swiftly Tilting Planet via audiobook as I drove1.
1 Overdrive is one of the many many phenomenal resources public libraries provide -- you can borrow e-books & e-audiobooks for a few weeks at a time.   It's a free app. 

As I intend to read A Wrinkle in Time to my rising 1st & rising 3rd grade godkids when they visit2, I got in the mood for some L'Engle.  Some authors' work reads aloud better than others... I think hers is right up there towards the top.  And her word painting is wonderfully illustrative.

2 Yay, my Harrisburg godkids are coming to visit for a whole week in August!  I am super excited for that; I've missed the weekly adventures we went on their entire lives until I moved 6h away.

St Patrick's Rune is a major plot device, but it also is a tremendous prayer in and of itself.  Turns out it is also verse four of an eleven-verse hymn.  Sometimes contemporary stylings need to give way to the classics of powerful liturgy. The prayers of those who have gone before us help me tremendously to see the church universal, in different cultures and different times, is an extension of the church here and now.

source: MShades, via deviantart

Powerful stuff. Good thing we serve a mighty God.

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