Sunday, February 23, 2014

What's a "t" among friends?

Big Frog: Did Joss Whedon do that one?
me: Ummm... no. But Buffy, the Avengers, Dollhouse... those are Whedons. And Firefly, of course.
Big Frog: And Joss is the... dad, right?
me (not sure where this is going...): Yeah...
Big Frog: And Wil is the... son?
me: What?
Big Frog: Joss's... son?
me: Do you mean Wil Wheaton?
Big Frog: Ummm.... It's only a couple letters... it might be naptime.

Had an interesting exchange with a friend recently about Wil having grown sons. It stemmed from Wil's recent blog entry. And although Big Frog has high school classmates who are already grandparents, we are really glad not to be there yet.

Joss also has kids, but the only other Whedons I can think of are his sibs.

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