Monday, December 23, 2013


me: Big Frog, how was Saturday #2?
Big Frog: It was great!
me: And what's tomorrow?
Big Frog: Saturday!
me: How many Saturdays do we get?
Big Frog: LOTS!!
It's a whole other world here.


Big Frog is drinking a beer-you-can-chew (that's how I describe anything in the same vein as Guinness) from a mason jar, in front of a door with a stained glass window mended by duct tape, in front of a cafe stage. We are loving The Purple Fiddle.
Found a new cool group: Loves It. Folk-rock. Super fun. Two guitars, also sometimes violin and banjo. Big Frog is rubbing off on me. I really enjoyed their opening number, Katydid, and also a new, unrecorded song ("Lay it"... I think), which has an amazing boogie-woogie bass line on blues guitar.

They have been touring constantly for three years. Their goal was 200 gigs/year for two years. Tonight was the last of a very long run.
(Also, they had tees with glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs at their merch table.)

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