Tuesday, April 9, 2013


So when's the next Game Night on not-a-Friday?

I was delighted to find that Season 2 of Tabletop is already underway on Youtube.  When my buddies Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton announced that it was coming, I was thinking that we'd see them months in the future, like on TV.  But no!  It's a web series and can move much faster.

So here's the newest episode, featuring Formula D (Wil Wheaton says, "Formula Day".  I'm justifying my stance that he must be Canadian because he's says "day" instead of "dee".  And I'm hypothesizing that he spells with a "zed' instead of a "zee", too.  Wiki says he's Californian by birth and residence, but Californians spell with "dee", don't they?)

And Megan F's alter ego is one of the characters.  Don't believe me?  Skip straight to 3:18.

This is my new second-favorite Tabletop episode, overtaking the Tsuro/Zombie Dice/Get Bit episode.  It would take a lot to top what remains my number-one Tabletop epi,Ticket to Ride, with it's wonderful Anne Wheaton moment (it's at 23:07, but don't skip there! You have to watch through to it or it loses its impact.).

Play more games!

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